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Alaskan Friendships

On the eight hour train ride to Denali, we were surrounded by fellow members of our upcoming cruise. To the right of us, there were two mothers that were retired teachers vacationing with their two daughters who were also teachers. 

Coincidentally, my mother is a retired teacher vacationing with her daughter.

We had a connection immediately. 

Throughout the next ten days we bonded through long bus rides, dog sledding, the rocky cruise ship and glacier viewing. 

Somehow we gravitated to each other and formed a unique bond. We live in four completely different parts of the United States, but hopefully we can stay connected with Facebook. 

Forming friendships with these ladies was definitely a highlight of the trip. 

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Oh Beautiful for Spacious Skies💜

Wow…America is so beautiful. I knew the Rockies and the Finger Lakes Region were beautiful but I had no idea the beauty I would find in Alaska. 

The mountains are unique and breathtaking. Formed by glaciers millions of years ago, they were a wonder to behold. 

Admittedly I had to cover my eyes a few times during the horrifying turns the bus driver had to take. It was like being on Thunder Mountain Railroad. 

The pictures don’t do justice to the majestic beauty of Denali. 

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Caribou, Moose and Bear…oh my

Mom and I went on an eight hour bus ride through Denali National Park. The views and the switchbacks were breathtaking. Along the way we saw a number of caribou, a mama bear and two cubs, adorable ground squirrels and a chilled out moose. Apparently there are also giant mosquito but we didn’t see them. 
We saw a mama moose and two calf earlier in the day. 

I was glad to have the protection of the bus. 

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Dog Sledding Demonstration

Earlier in the day we went to a free dog sledding demonstration. We were able to pet the dogs and listen to a short introduction to sled dogs. Later in the week I will be going on a sled dog excursion for three hours. 

The dogs are highly intelligent and motivated to please. Mom and I are petting Venture. She was asking him if he wanted to “go home with Grandma”. 

The dogs relax in the summer and work around the 6.2 million acre park in the winter.  Once they retire, people can adopt them as long as they live in cold weather regions. 

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Puppy Update

Yesterday, right before heading into Denali National Park with no phone service for eight hours, I got a text from my breeder. She told me that we got our first choice! (We had the last pick of the litter)

A little girl puppy with brindle fur. She was Sean’s first choice and the only one he held. We have already named her Piper. Maybe her middle name could be Denali. 
We will pick her up July 14th. 

So excited! 

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